Featured Track 11.29.15

I immediately fell in love with the transcendental ‘Cairo’ when I first heard it on the March Euphonic Sessions and made an instant purchase on Beatport to add it to my library.  Fast forward to last weekend when I was enjoying ABGT158.  Soaking in the very start of track three I recognized it’s reminiscent familiarity….it’s the classic Luminary ‘Amsterdam.’  At just the right moments it then superbly blends with the beautiful ‘Cairo’ and I have to wonder just who is the mastermind responsible for this genius blend.  It’s none other than Jason Ross who owns the mesmerizing ‘Cairo’.  Tony McGuinness, the emcee of this particular edition of ABGT adds, “Ahh, cheeky bootleg of ours that’s been lighting up our sets in recent months.  That was Jason Ross vs. Luminary ‘Amsterdam Cairo.’  Lovely.”

I’m ecstatic to report on the latest ABGT (159) it was announced that due to the positive response they’re giving it an official release.  Here is Jason Ross vs. Luminary ‘Amsterdam Cairo.’

I agree with Tony McGuinness, in a word, ‘lovely.’

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Dzeko and Torres at Glow at Soundcheck 11.19.15

Dzeko and Torres made their debut performance at
Glow‘s Soundcheck and here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:


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Kyau & Albert’s ‘Lover In The Dark’ Out Now On Beatport

‘Lover In The Dark,’ the latest from Kyau & Albert, is out now on Beatport.  It delivers with all the cool emotive emotions and easing builds that keep this Euphonic duo stalwarts in their genre. The track already got early support by Armin van Buuren in his latest ASOT 736!

And, as a bonus, win a bottle of Kyau & Albert‘s IPA.  They’re giving away 10 bottles to ship in every corner of the world.  Simply email your Beatport receipt of ‘Lover In The Dark’ to WIN@EUPHONIC.DE!



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Tritonal, Cash Cash at Glow at Echostage 10.30.15

Tritonal and Cash Cash played Glow at Echostage on 10.30.15.
Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS from the night:


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Out Now: Armin van Buuren – Embrace

Out Now: Armin van Buuren – Embrace

arminembraceUnderlining his vision of blending a multitude of genres with his far-famed and distinctive sound, Armin van Buuren’s fresh ‘Embrace’ album encompasses a musical adventure without borders. An endless universe of possibilities, waiting to be embraced. It explains how Armin van Buuren experiences a world full of music, approaching unexpected influences and inspiring combinations with open arms, and incorporating untraditional ideas in his music without deviating from his core sound.

With ‘Embrace’, Armin van Buuren embraces a wide variety of musical styles and ventures where few dare to tread, using these unconventional sounds as ingredients to fuel his own sound. Ranging from the rocky sound of Kensington in ‘Heading Up High’ to the jazzy sound of Eric Vloeimans’ trumpet in ‘Embrace’, Mr. Probz and his hip-hop voice in hit single ‘Another You’, and the singer-songwriter skills of Gavin Degraw in ‘Looking For Your Name’; all are strongly intertwined with Armin van Buuren’s meritorious endeavor.

Let’s venture into uncharted territory, starting this brand new adventure together. ‘Embrace’.

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Stoneface & Terminal 10 Years Euphonic | Out Now

Time is flying by – 2005 feels just like yesterday and we are now
celebrating 10 years of Stoneface & Terminal!

Many DJs and fans in the scene still remember the dynamic duo for their big records such as “Sidewinder“, “Venus“, “Super Nature“, “Blueprint“, “Don’t Give A Fuck” and “Moment“.

 While in the studio working on some new songs the guys not only thought about rewarding themselves with this project but also thought to take the opportunity to share with the new generation of EDM listeners the roots of Stoneface & Terminal and what they created in the past.

On October 30th, Euphonic released an anniversary album to celebrate a decade
of the talent of Stoneface & Terminal featuring many new versions of their classics plus their personal favorite, original tracks of their career.

Order on iTunes:  http://tiny.cc/ST-10YEARS



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Kyau & Albert at Glow at Soundcheck 10.22.15

Kyau & Albert kicked off their debut at Glow‘s Soundcheck with Faithless “Salve Mea” (Above & Beyond remix) and dropped everything awesome from “A Night Like This” to “”Believe” creating a night of pure magic. Here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS:


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Featured Track 10.15.15

‘Salve Mea 2.0’ – Faithless (Above & Beyond Remix)

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Pete Tong at Glow at Soundcheck 09.27.15

Pete Tong at Glow at Soundcheck, Washington DC 09.27.15.
Check out the HIGHLIGHTS:


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Armin van Buuren, KhoMha at Glow at Echostage 09.24.15

Armin van Buuren and KhoMha at Glow at Echostage 09.24.15.
Check out the HIGHLIGHTS:


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